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Council to Vote on Discontinuing Fluoride

The Park Hills City Council will vote on possibly discontinuing the addition of fluoride to City water on October 13, 2020. 

The request for the discontinuation consideration was made by Utility Director, Frank Shovlin, in a letter to the City Administrator, Mark McFarland, on May 7, 2020. The letter cited the reasons for considering discontinuation as antiquated equipment, costs related to upgrading the equipment, and safety and health hazards to the treatment plant operator. You may read the letter in its entirety by Clicking Here.

The topic was discussed during the June 23, 2020, City Council Work Session, where members of the council were addressed by local dentists who expressed their concerns with discontinuing the addition of fluoride. You can view the video of that meeting by Clicking Here.

For questions about the discontinuation of fluoride additions to the City's water, please contact Utility Director, Frank Shovlin, at 573-431-2280.  To discuss your thoughts or concerns, please contact your councilperson. You can find their contact information on the City Council page within our website.