Chief McFarland.jpg News Article 17Mar
Notice From Park Hills Police Department Regarding Department Operations and COVID-19
The following precautions will remain in effect Until Further Notice!
In response to the COVID-19, the Park Hills Police Department will be modifying our response for the department. For non-emergency calls, an Officer will be assigned to take your report over the telephone instead of a physical response. For example, calls for crimes that already occurred, no suspect present, and there is no immediate threat of personal safety.
Officers will still respond to emergency calls where a crime is in progress and when personal safety is in danger.
The citizens of Park Hills are encouraged to call into the Central Dispatch instead of physically coming to the Police Department Office. The phone number to Central Dispatch is 573-431-3131 for non-emergencies. Please still call 911 for emergency services.
We also encourage the public to tell our dispatchers if they believe they or someone else at the scene or residence are experiencing flu or COVID-19 symptoms, so the First Responders can take the appropriate precautions when responding.
The Park Hills Police Department will also be suspending group tours and any non-criminal fingerprinting services.
Thank you for your cooperation and patience. These are steps that are necessary for the health and safety of the Park Hills Police Department staff and public.