Burning Permit Application

Only natural vegetation shall be burned. Natural Vegetation is defined as any naturally occurring organic material, of recent growth ie. tree limbs, grass clippings, leaves, brush, etc. Materials not defined as Natural Vegetation are paper products, building materials, sawn lumber, etc. Burning shall take place only on the owner's property. No burning shall be allowed on any street, sidewalk, curb or on any portion of right-of-way. Applicant is responsible to demonstrate an accessible water source. No burning shall take place within 25 feet of a structure unless a water supply is available.
I, the undersigned person, hereby certify that I have read and understand the above Regulations Concerning Open Burning and will comply with same. I certify that I will not begin burning vegetation until my application is signed. I also acknowledge that I am responsible for any damage that may be caused by my actions.
The above stated person may become authorized upon the inspector signing this permit to burn Natural Vegetation on the property described above. I have personally inspected the property and find that all criteria for approval have been met. All burning shall be done in accordance with the regulations stated on this permit.