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Weeds, Weeds, and More Weeds!

When I was running for office, one of the biggest items on resident’s minds was, and is, the appearance of our community. I am focused on this and am always looking for ways and areas where we can spruce up the community’s appearance.  Many times, it is just a simple thing that makes all the difference.  Weeds are one of those things and have long been an issue for Park Hills.

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City Administrator, Mark McFarland Shares Financial Stability Report

The following information was presented to the Park Hills City Council at the March 9th council meeting.  This budget information shows the past 11 budget years of the City of Park Hills.  These budgets are broken down into three categories: total amount budgeted for each fiscal year, the beginning checking balance at the start of each new fiscal year, and the actual loss or gain at the end of each budget year.

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The Fairgrounds Project - How it Began, Where We Are Today

The Fairgrounds project was finally completed at the end of January. State officials came for a final walk-through and gave their approval and signed off that all the work was complete. This approval allowed for the city to receive the last grant payment of just over $138,000. The Fairground Project became one of the largest and longest-running projects the City of Park Hills has ever attempted.

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Use Tax - What is it? Why is it so Important?

While this tax is, without a doubt, the most misunderstood tax, the impact on individual households will be virtually nonexistent.  A citizen is only required to pay a use tax after purchasing more than $2,000, within a single year, from out-of-state businesses. Then, it is that citizen’s responsibility to self-report those purchases to the state.

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Return to Normalcy

On Monday, April 27, Governor Parsons in an address to the State of Missouri outlined his plan to reopen Missouri's businesses and to begin to bring Missouri back to some sense of normalcy.  Phase 1 of his plan is to lift the stay at home order effective Monday, May 4, 2020.  At this time businesses will be able to reopen, and people will begin to return to work.

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Emergency Management Director, Lt. Doug Bowles, Talks About Guarding Against COVID-19

Governor Mike Parsons has ordered that all gatherings of more than 10 people are no longer allowed, and it is recommended to maintain a social distance of 6 feet between individuals. If these measures cannot be followed and the virus continues to spread, the County Health Dept. will have no choice but to issue a shelter in place order.

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Municipal Court Clerk Discusses Court Services Amidst COVID-19

In this time of uncertainty, please know I share your concerns and fears. With that being said, we are doing our very best to take care of the numerous calls received daily about court dates and if they have been rescheduled. As of March 17, 2020, if you had a court date on either March 23, 2020, or April 13, 2020, your case has been rescheduled to April 27, 2020, at 5:00 p.m.

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Use Tax Proposition - April 7, 2020 Election

During the April 7, 2020 election, Park Hills residents will be voting on the City's Use Tax Proposition. Before you go to the polls, please take a moment to read this blog and learn about the Use Tax; how it works, where the dollars will be spent, and why it is so very important to the City's financial health.

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Goals for 2020

City Administrator, Mark McFarland, reveals the City's Goals for 2020.