Surplus Property.jpg News Article 14Aug
Surplus Property for Sale by Sealed Bid

The City of Park Hills will be selling surplus property by sealed bid. To find out more about the items available and how to bid, please read the news release.

RAVE Mobile Safety.jpg News Article 12Aug
City to Cancel CodeRED Emergency Notification System, Now Encouraging RAVE Mobile Safety

Beginning October 1, 2020, the City of Park Hills is discontinuing the CodeRED Emergency Notification System. Residents are encouraged to sign up for the County's emergency notification system, RAVE Mobile Safety/Smart 911 Connect.

clean-clear-cold-drink-416528.jpg News Article 24Jun
Council to Vote on Discontinuing Fluoride

The Park Hills City Council will vote on possibly discontinuing the addition of fluoride to City water on October 13, 2020.

burglar-2055-183bf3f9f30c301725d6b321e0dd14f6@1x.jpg News Article 27May
Park Hills PD Reminds Residents of Safety Precautions While Away on Vacation

As the COVID restrictions begin to lift more and more people are going on vacation. If you are planning a vacation and are going to leave town please keep a couple of things in mind.

95750628_3475727132441407_247798859697225728_n.png News Article 06May
Library Awarded Reading Challenge Software Grant

The Park Hills Public Library is pleased to announce that they have been awarded a Reading Challenge Software Grant in the amount of $495.00 from the Missouri State Library.

social-media-graphic-5.jpg News Article 01May
Shape Our Children’s Future. Start With The 2020 Census.

Young children experience new adventures each day, and little ones need all of the support they can get during these early years. Responding to the 2020 Census is an easy, safe, and important way to help provide resources for children and their communities for the next 10 years.

Communityfactsheet.jpg News Article 24Apr
Our Community Needs Your Help!

We still need your help! Now, while you're at home, is a great time to complete your 2020 Census! It only takes a few short minutes and provides our community with 10 years worth of benefit!

Self Response flyer for  2020 Census.jpg News Article 13Apr
Finish Your 2020 Census Today!

If you haven't completed your 2020 Census yet, please do so today! Our local schools, roads, hospitals, and communities need your input! Completing the Census has never been easier! See how below!

Scams.jpg News Article 27Mar
Beware of COVID-19 SCAMS

The COVID-19 pandemic is resulting in a surge of phishing, cyber-attacks, telephone, and other scams. Please exercise caution in opening any COVID-19 or pandemic related emails from known and unknown origins. Remain vigilant and continue to comply with cyber-security best practices. Don't give out any private or secure information over the phone. Don't cash checks that you aren't sure are 100% valid.

Drop Box.jpg News Article 26Mar
Utility Department Offers 2nd Drop-Box

For convenience and safety, the Park Hills Utility Department has added a second drop-box near the entrance to the Water Department.