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The City of Park Hills Bids Farewell to Parks & Rec Director, Dooley Politte

(July 30, 2021 - Park Hills, MO) - Today, we would like to take a moment to bid farewell and best wishes to a long-time City employee, co-worker, and friend, Dooley Politte.

Dooley has worked for the City of Park Hills for 26 years. Many of you know him as our Parks and Recreation Director; the keeper of all the City Parks, the head of our swimming pool operations, the organizer of our softball, baseball, t-ball, and soccer teams, the designer of our Christmas in the Park light display, manager of our City’s mowing crew, the handler of the Summer Concerts in Columbia Park, and/or the overseer and even a founder of the City’s Disc Golf Course. Dooley is well known, and much loved in our community.

Recently, Dooley was offered (and has accepted) a new position at the City of Desloge. As we’re sure you can see by the extensive list of job titles above, Dooley has a very hefty workload as our Parks Director, which means many long hours and never-ending concerns for ensuring his job is done completely and correctly. With retirement on the forefront of Dooley’s mind, he is hopeful that this new position will be less complex, alleviating some of his constant worries. As much as we do not want to lose Dooley, his reasons for leaving are most certainly logical.

When chatting with Dooley about his career change, he asked that we make it known that he is certainly “not leaving on ill terms”.  He told us, “I have no issues with the City or anyone. I am just looking to slow down. The workload here has increased in recent years. With retirement nearing, I would prefer to work the last years of my career in a less stressful position.”

When asked to tell us about Dooley, City Administrator, Mark McFarland, couldn’t help but reminisce. “I became friends with Dooley in the mid-'80s. We attended church together and played on the church's softball team. He, I, and our spouses have been friends ever since. Back in the 80's I even named a basset hound pup Dooley, after him. We served on the Central School Board together, he helped me coach middle school football for years, and four years ago we became fellow employees at the City of Park Hills. Twenty-six years ago, I was serving as a Councilman from Ward 4 when the City Council hired Dooley to replace Chicken Stricklin as Park and Recreation Director. Over the past 26 years, Dooley has done a great job as the Parks and Recreation Director here at Park Hills and I am confident he will do the same for the City of Desloge. Dooley, May God Bless You in your new position, we are going to miss you!”

Mayor John Clark said this about Dooley, “Dooley has been a long-term employee (for the city) that we are going to miss. I was actually on the personnel committee as a Councilman when we hired Dooley back in the 1990s. Dooley has always done a good job for the city; many times, making do while operating on a tight budget.  He always had the cities best interest at heart, and we are going to miss him. We wish him well.”

Dooley has been an incredible asset to the City for the past 26 years. We will sorely miss him, his experience, and the knowledge that he possesses. However, Dooley, we do wish you a new journey of success and happiness. May every day hold an abundance of wonderful experiences!