Park Hills Industrial Development Authority

Board President, Lance Sechrest

9 Bennett Street, Park Hills, MO 63601 | Phone: 573-431-3577 Ext. 37 | Email:

The Park Hills IDA was established on June 10, 1997, with the purpose of developing, advancing, encouraging, and promoting commercial, industrial, agricultural, and manufacturing facilities in Park Hills, Missouri.


Board of Directors

The Park Hills IDA consists of 5 board members. Each member is appointed by the Park Hills City Council for a term of 6 years. Current board members and their terms are as follows.

August 2017 to August 2023
August 2019 to August 2025

Retail Strip Center

The Park Hills IDA offers available lots for retail outlets between the Park Hills Sports Complex and the Flat River Drive exit from Missouri Highway 32. Lots 2 & 3 have sold for new development. The remaining available lots are listed for sale.

Flat River Commons - U.S. Highway 67

The Park Hills IDA and the City of Park Hills, through multiple public-private partnerships, are offering development opportunities in the area of the four-lane U.S. Highway 67 at Fairgrounds Drive.  With direct highway access, this area will soon include a new entrance to St. Joe State Park, accommodating hiking, biking, and ORV trail uses.  A variety of commercial, residential, and recreational development is feasible for this area with several parcels having excellent highway visibility.

Park Hills Development Partners

When planning to develop in the Park Hills area the following organizations may be able to provide you with some valuable information, resources, and assistance.