City Taxes

City Collector, Samantha Vaughn

9 Bennett Street, Park Hills, MO 63601 | Phone: 573-431-3577 Ext. 10 | Email:

City Collector, Samantha Vaughn

City Collector, Samantha Vaughn

The City of Park Hills requires no city stickers for vehicles and charges no personal property tax, no earnings tax, no income tax, no use tax, and no hotel taxes. Your property assessment data is available for your convenience through the St. Francois County Assessor's website.

Licensed businesses must present a no-tax-due document from the Missouri sales tax inquiry system for the renewal of their city business license. Business owners who also own property must also present paid real estate tax statements.

Tax Increment Finance District annual reports for all of St. Francois County can be viewed by clicking here.

City Sales Tax

Below you will find a break-down of the sales tax charged within the City Limits.

City Sales Tax Per $1

State - 4.225%

County - 1.250%

Ambulance District - 0.500%

911 Communications - 0.375%

City - 3.000%

TOTAL - 9.35%


Transportation Development District - .0500%

Total in TTD District - 9.85%


Property Tax Assessments

Below you will find a break-down of the local property tax. Click here to pay annual property taxes online.

Property Tax Per $100 Assessed Value

County Tax on Real Property - 5.1117

County Tax on Commercial Real Property - 5.3117

City Tax on Real Property - 0.6222

Total Real Property Tax - 5.7339

Total Commercial Real Property Tax - 5.9339