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Please Note: Picture ID is required when applying for permits to protect your property and verify that the permit is issued to a specific person.

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The Community Development Director oversees building code enforcement and zoning concerns within the City of Park Hills. Applications for building permits are available at City Hall. Inspections may be requested by calling the City offices during regular business hours. Repeated inspections of unsatisfactory conditions may incur increasing inspection fees.

City Code Chapter 400and Code Chapter 500 govern Park Hills building and zoning issues. The city comprehensive plan indicates how the community can continue consistent development into the future. The information is available in portable document files (pdf) for Acrobat Reader, which is available for no charge from Adobe. Park Hills is a member of Missouri Assoc. of Building Officials & Inspectors

Download or view the Park Hills zoning map in PDF form


The following fee schedule shall apply for all building permits:

Building Permits - New Construction - Primary Residential Structures

Single Family Dwelling - $.07 per square foot of gross floor area (excluding basement)

Two Family Dwelling - $.07 per square foot of gross floor area (excluding basement)

Building Permits - New Construction - Accessory Residential Structures

Detached Garages - $ 25.00

Other Accessory Structures - $ 15.00

Building Permits - New Construction - Multi-Family, Commercial and Industrial Structures

Multi-Family Dwelling - $.07 per square foot of gross floor area

New Construction- 10,000 square feet and under - $ .08 per square foot of gross area

New Construction - 0ver 10,000 square feet - $ .085 per square foot of gross area

Plan Review Fee - A base fee of $ 50.00 shall apply in all cases except when plans are submitted for buildings, whose physical gross area exceeds the Base Tabular Area of table 503 of the Building Code. Such plans are subject to plan review by the City Engineer. The applicant shall be responsible to pay the actual cost of plan review. Plan review fees shall not exceed $ 500.00 in any case.

Note : Building Permit fees for additions or substantial alteration of the above listed building types shall be based on the applicable fee schedule for new construction.


The following fee schedule shall apply for all residential occupancy inspections:

Initial Inspection (I) and Follow-up Re-inspection (R1) - $ 30.00

Second Re-inspection (R2) - $ 40.00

Third Re-inspection (R3) - $ 50.00

All inspections after the Third Re-inspection - $ 50.00 each

Residential Occupancy Checklist