Code Enforcement

Code Inspector: Dave Dill

9 Bennett Street, Park Hills, MO 63601 | Phone: (573) 431-3577 Ext. 16 | Fax: (573) 431-2598 | Email:

Dave Dill, Code Inspector

Dave Dill, Code Inspector

How to Report a Violation

If you suspect a code violation please contact the Code Inspection Department via the information above. Please include a detailed description of the nature of the violation(s) and an accurate address or location. It is also a good idea to leave your name and number in case there would be a problem with locating the violation.

Important Definitions

Nuisance Code Enforcement

The code enforcement department enforces the rules concerning nuisances on public or private property. You can call Code Enforcement at 431-3577 Ext. 42 about violations.

Nuisances Generally
Unlicensed Vehicles
Junk Prohibited
Weeds, Grass, and Brush
Enforcement Procedures
Other Action
State and Federal Housing Laws

Application for Burning Permit

To fill out the electronic form to apply for a burning permit here.

You can print the burning permit application from this link.