Recycle Bin.jpg News Article 11Oct
Park Hills to Cease Recycling

Park Hills City Council Members voted to officially amend the section of the city’s ordinance pertaining to recycling at the Tuesday, October 9th council meeting after City Administrator, Mark McFarland informed them of recent changes announced by the St. Francois County Environmental Corporation. The recent announcement cited the local landfill’s plan to cease acceptance of recyclable waste effective October 31, 2018.  This decision has forced Park Hills, as well as, several other local cities to suspend their recycling program.

Park Hills will complete its final collection of recyclables during the week of October 22-26.  Residents can expect their recyclables to be picked up on their typical recycling day that week with recycling bins to be collected along with the waste.

City officials are sad to see the program come to an end but have indicated that the bins will be kept, stored, and ready to be redistributed should there ever be an opportunity to participate in a similar program again in the future.

McFarland indicated that trash schedules are not expected to be affected by the change, especially with the increase in trash bag limits earlier this year, allowing the collection of four bags of trash per household weekly, up from just two.

Residents are also reminded that along with the recent increase in bag limits, the City intends to again honor the extra holiday trash pick-up schedules as in years past, and will continue to offer three separate bulk trash pick-up opportunities per ward, annually.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact the City of Park Hills business office at 573-431-3577, Monday through Friday during regular business hours.