Thinking of starting a new business? Ready to expand your current business but need help with the feasibility plan? South East Economic Development (SEED$) courses can help! SEED$ offers a step-by-step course to help you develop the strength of your business concept. Some vital business topics covered include pricing, competition, marketing, strategic growth, and cash flow. SEED$ can also connect you to business development programs at the state and federal levels.

Business seminars are taught in the Park Hills depot at 5 Municipal Drive. Call: (573)431-4296 to register.


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The City of Park Hills Tax Increment Financing Commission anticipated and planned for the 50,000 square foot expansion of Hefner Furniture. The commercially zoned area around Hefner's will benefit from the newly built outer road and interchange. Additional retailers and others will be offered opportunities to locate in that area.

The outer road and the interchange are also constructed to serve the St. Francois County Fairground area with safe, convenient access for the 35,000 average daily traffic movements. The Fairground area already benefits from Park Hills sewer and water service, Missouri Natural Gas service, and three-phase electric service through AMEREN.

At this location is a new road connecting to the hiking/biking and ORV trailheads at St. Joe State Park.  Below, is a conceptual plan of desired development in this area of the Fairgrounds Drive interchange.

Click Here to Download a PDF of the Flat River Commons Conceptual Plan.


Tax Increment Finance has funded road construction through the district. The Park Hills IDA and the Economic Development Department have coordinated with property owners and local utilities to improve traffic circulation around the available acreage at the new Parkway Drive interchange on U.S. Highway 67. Tracts available for development are depicted in color below. Over 34,000 average daily traffic movements were recorded for the Highway 67 corridor in 2015. The Parkway Drive area already benefits from Park Hills sewer and water service, Missouri Natural Gas service, and electric service through AMEREN.

Parkway Interchange TIF District

Click on the map to view additional maps or to download in PDF form.


The City Council established a TIF Area for the downtown central business district. Improvements to date have included a grocery store, library facility, parking lot, roundabout, and comprehensive site preparation and improved road access to the Park Hills River Mart/BP Station.

Click on the map to view or download in PDF form.