You can schedule a business plan review for your prospective local business with SEED$ in Park Hills by calling 573-431-4296. SEED$ can assist with acquiring business loans.

The state of Missouri also offers a list of steps to start your business.

First-time city business licenses in Park Hills cost $15 for the year and come due for renewal every June 30th. Subsequent licenses are priced at a rate of 50 cents per $1,000 in gross receipts after the $15 for the first $10,000. Contractor licenses may be applied for using this application. Door-to-door sellers must apply for and receive a Peddlers license before selling in the city. All new businesses must apply to the St. Francois County Collector for a $25 Merchant's License. Any business planning to sell alcohol must first complete a liquor license application.

Licenses are issued at City Hall. Licensed businesses must present a no-tax-due document from the Missouri sales tax inquiry system for renewal of their city business license. Find the IRS filing dates for your business here. The IRS also has tax record guidance for your business.