Animal Control Department

Officer, Andrew Lewis

65 Sports Complex Road, Park Hills, MO 63601 | Phone: (573) 431-3122 | Fax: (573) 431-5074 

Andrew Lewis, Animal Warden

Andrew Lewis, Animal Warden

About Park Hills Animal Control

The animal control facility at 65 Sports Complex Road was completed in August of 2011. Larger pens and improved quarantine capabilities provide significant advantages to the city's efforts in animal control with the new facility. You can meet the Animal Control Officer at the facility after making an appointment by calling 431-3122.

The Animal Control Officer patrols over 3,000 miles per year and picks up about 300 dogs, 130 cats, and 25 wild animals during the same period. Of these, about 200 dogs may be adopted or returned to the owner and about 66 cats will become either adopted or returned to the owner. He also removes some 60 dead animals from the city each year.

If you have lost a dog, please contact the shelter as soon as possible. Our primary goal is to reunite dogs with their owners, however, dogs will only be held for seven (7) days, including weekends and holidays.

To claim a dog, the owner must pay all fees at the time of pickup. The City assumes no liability or responsibility for an animal received in this facility, other than to provide humane care for the duration of custody.

Both the Humane Society and the ASPCA offer guidelines for pet care. Missouri law requires that pets and other domestic animals in the state receive consistently humane treatment. The city requires a kennel license for households with more than four cats or dogs.

Park Hills Animal Control Code

The city code outlines the expectations, requirements, and violations of owning pets, animals, and livestock within the city limits.  The code includes information on leash laws, animal neglect & abuse, the allowed number and types of pets per household, impoundment procedures, dangerous animals, and more.  You can view information pertaining to animals in the city code, section 205, by Clicking Here.

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