9 Bennett Street 
Park Hills, MO 63601

Phone: (573) 431-3577
Fax: (573) 431-2598


The Park Hills Municipal Code is available in electronic version. This electronic copy is updated periodically and may or may not contain the most recent amendments to the Municipal Code.

NOTE: This electronic version is provided for information only and does not comprise the official version of the code. If inconsistencies exist between this electronic version and the original code kept on record in the office of the City Clerk, the original will be considered definitive.


You can request many city services online by using the Service Request Form. Administrative services for the City are carried out by full-time and contract personnel. The listed personnel serve the residents of the city, as represented by the Mayor and Council.

Personnel listed immediately below serve full-time:

City Administrator

City Clerk

City Treasurer

City Collector

Chief of Police

Community Development Director

Nutrition Center Director

Parks and Recreation Director

Library Director

Utilities Director

Public Works Director

Economic Developer


The following city functions are filled through contracts:

City Attorney

City Prosecutor

Municipal Judge

City Engineer

City Auditor


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The City of Park Hills improves and expands some infrastructure using money borrowed through certificates of participation or bonds. City indebtedness is reported annually in the city audit and noted in the electronic municipal market access records. The city maintains more than seventeen percent of operating expenditures in reserves as recommended by general accounting procedures. The city's independent auditor gave an unqualified opinion of city finances in the annual audit presentation at the Council work session in July.